Additional financial aid coming to Alberta families for child-care

The Alberta Government released a statement on Monday announcing that families will be receiving additional financial aid as early as next year.

An agreement was made with the federal government to ensure $3.8 billion will be committed to expanding affordable childcare in the province.

The plan is to reduce fees for parents of children aged 0-kindergarten by half next year and provide an average of $10 per day for childcare by 2026

The province is aware that more financial aid is nothing if there’s nowhere to take your child, so they plan to also add up to 42,500 new licensed non-profit and day home child-care spaces over the next five year’s as well.

Dianna de Sousa, Executive Director at the Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce, “Access and affordability are important, but flexibility to support shift-working parents is an essential, game-changing, vital piece of this plan and we’re happy the Government of Alberta has heard the perspective of these parents.”

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