Remembrance Day Ceremony to be Held at Royal Canadian Legion November 11

The Royal Canadian Legion in Fort McMurray is holding a Remembrance Day ceremony tomorrow.

The event will be held outdoors and begin at 10:30 and is expected to last about an hour.

All are welcome to attend in person, or a live stream will be happening on the Legion’s Facebook page.

Each year November 11th gives pause, and is an opportunity to recall all those who have served in Canada’s defense.

“Remembrance Day in Canada is reminding ourselves why we send out sons and daughters and brothers and sisters on deployment,  remembering when Canada has decided to intervene or assist in military fashion,” said Pat Duggan, President of the Royal Canadian Legion in Fort McMurray.

“Part of remembering, is remembering those who made that ultimate sacrifice but also remembering those wo did come back and came back with wounds of various types: emotional, mental, and physical.  We need to be grateful for the fact that people have volunteered to do this on our behalf.  We’re the ones that have sent them regardless of what ever government is in power being a democracy, we Canadians send fellow Canadians out to do these things that we think are important so it is exceptionally important we remember their sacrifice.”

The last time a tally was taken in 2016, there were over 400 veterans working in the region.

A buffet breakfast and hot lunch will be available before and after the event indoors for anyone who would like to join in conversation surrounding the day, however the restrictions exemption program is in effect.

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