Yes On Removing Equalization Payments; No On Daylight Savings Time According To Elections Alberta

The official results are in for the 2021 Alberta Senate Election and Referendum Vote on Equalization and Daylight Savings Time.


With 1,118,828 (13,141 in RMWB) votes being casted across the province, the top 3 candidates for Senate Nominees are:

  • Pam Davidson, Conservative Party of Canada – 18.2% – 382,243 across Alberta – 5,822 in RMWB
  • Erika Barootes, Conservative Party of Canada – 17.1% – 358,002 across Alberta – 5,841 in RMWB
  • Mykhailo Martyniouk, Conservative Party of Canada – 11.3% – 237,228 across Alberta – 3,678 in RMWB

There were 212,936 (2,275 in RMWB) rejected ballots relating to the senate vote, and 205,267 (2,214 in RMWB) blank ballots.

Canadians do not elect Senators, where as the prime minister will choose candidates from a list of people who apply.

Referendum Vote on Equalization

With 1,092,639 (12,616 in the RMWB) Albertans voting on the question, “Should section 36(2) of the Constitution Act, 1982 – Parliament and the government of Canada’s commitment to the principle of making equalization payments – be removed from the constitution?” resulted in the following:

  • “Yes” – 642,501 votes, representing 61.7% of valid ballots cast – 8,776 in RMWB
  • “No” – 399,169 votes, representing 38.3% of valid ballots cast – 3,039 in RMWB

There were 50,969 (801 in RMWB) rejected ballots relating to the vote on equalization, and 49,336 (779 in RMWB) blank ballots across Alberta.

Referendum Vote on Daylight Savings Time

With 1,092,960 (12,616 in the RMWB) votes being casted on the question, “Do you want Alberta to adopt year-round Daylight Saving Time, which is summer hours, eliminating the need to change our clocks twice a year?”, following are the results:

  • “Yes” – 532,911 votes, representing 49.9% of valid ballots cast – 7,497 in RMWB
  • “No” – 535,745 votes, representing 50.1% of valid ballots cast – 4,656 in RMWB

There were 24,304 (463 in RMWB) ejected ballots for this vote on Daylight Savings Time, and 22,907 (447 in RMWB) ballots left blank.

12:54PM UPDATE: 

The City of Grande Prairie informed Elections Alberta that the official results they had provided for Daylight Savings Time contained an error where the number of votes for “yes” and “no” were switched up. The new results are as follows:

  • “Yes” – 531,782 votes, representing 49.8% of valid ballots cast
  • “No” – 536,874 votes, representing 50.2% of valid ballots cast

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