Wood Buffalo Receives Recognition for Vulnerable Persons Registry from Province

The 2021 Ministers Award for Municipal Excellence is going to Wood Buffalo and four other municipalities.

This provincial recognition is in light of the vulnerable persons registry, which launched in 2019.

Birthed out of lessons learned from the 2016 Horse River Wildfire, the vulnerable persons registry (VPR) is a voluntary service that provides emergency responders with immediate access to a database and mapping tool populated with important information that is used to locate and assist registrants during an emergency.

The award falls in the category of enhancing community safety, and was imperative in the 2020 flood.

During this emergency, the list was used to locate all vulnerable persons living in the emergency zone, and allowed EMS workers to rescue, check in on and share vital information with them.

“There are many individuals and organizations that support vulnerable people in their day-to-day lives, but during emergencies around the world, those who need the most help are often unequipped or have challenges accessing support when they need it most.” said Director of Emergency Management and Regional Fire Chief Jody Butz

“With the VPR, we are now in a position to immediately identify and locate vulnerable residents and focus our
resources accordingly. Inclusivity is a heavy focus in emergency preparedness, as it is our duty and responsibility to
be ready to help all community members during an emergency.”

Those would would like to add their name to the Vulnerable Persons Registry can sign up online, by mail or over the phone.

Currently there are 65 residents on the list.

More about the award and acceptance video can be found on the Government of Alberta’s website.


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