Former Mayoral Candidate Running To Become Ward One Councillor

A former mayoral candidate for the RMWB is trying to become a Ward 1 Councillor.

Allan Grandison is one of 15 individuals who’ve put their names forward to become one of six Fort McMurray representatives on Wood Buffalo council.

He finished second in the 2017 mayoral race, losing to Don Scott.

Grandison tells Mix News he believes he lost due to lack of political experience.

“My desire to participate and ensure that the community I live in is well-served is still there, so I can get that experience that the community was looking for and still ensure I have a voice and participate in the well-being of our community.”

He claims his priorities from the previous election remain the same now.

This includes finding a solution to fly-in-fly-out workers directly with industry.

“We don’t get to tell business how to do their business but we can negotiate and find ways to trim it and make it more manageable for both parties and I still believe that’s true.”

Grandison also wants to see council develop a strategic plan which would focus on action rather than reaction.

He believes one of the bigger tasks would be to stop listening to outside voices about what to do with the region.

“This is my home and I think if we enhance what we have here and ensure we’re delivering services, meeting our population, we’ll make our community attractive for those who want to come here.”

The election is scheduled for October 18, 2021.

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