RMWB Once Again Looking For Emergency Communication Centre To Provide EMS Dispatch Service For Region

A request has been made by the RMWB to once again have local EMS dispatchers service the region.

They’ve officially asked the government of Alberta if they’d consider turning the local emergency communication centre into a provincial EMS dispatch centre, focusing entirely on the RMWB.

“The Municipality’s Emergency Communication Centre (ECC) is well-positioned to provide EMS dispatch services for the Wood Buffalo region—and we provided this service locally from the 1970s,” said Jody Butz, Regional Fire Chief and Director of Emergency Management.

This is the latest effort the municipality has taken since the GoA centralized the local site into their provincial system earlier this year.

They claim since the move there have been several issues, specifically individuals having to wait longer for an ambulance.

“We have been experiencing numerous issues that put the health and safety of patients at a greater risk,” added Butz. “We will continue to pursue all avenues and options to reinstate a fully integrated local Fire and EMS dispatch service.”

The RMWB claims they continue to advocate for local EMS dispatch services along with the cities of Calgary, Red Deer, and Lethbridge who also had their sites centralized at the same time.

“While we continue to communicate this and work with the Province and Alberta Health Services on a solution that recognizes the region’s unique needs, we have not seen adequate progress,” noted Jamie Doyle, RMWB CAO.

-An earlier version claimed the RMWB wanted the emergency communication centre to become one of the province’s main EMS dispatch centres

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