SPCA Seeing High Levels Of Dogs & Cats, Close To Needing To Refuse Any More Pets

The Fort McMurray SPCA is having a tough time keeping up with all their animals.

The non-profit is currently caring for between 80 to 90 dogs and cats per week, while before the COVID-19 pandemic they were averaging around 60.

Executive Director Chuck Brandsgard tells Mix News many animals have needed to be surrendered.

“There’s a lot more people who can’t afford to take care of their pets anymore, so there are a lot more returns.”

Earlier this year, the SPCA claimed they were seeing a five per cent drop in pets coming back compared to previous years.

However, as the pandemic has continued the number of animals being surrendered has increased.

Brandsgard says they’re hoping to raise around $50,000 by the end of October to ensure each pet gets the care they deserve and staff don’t have to overwork themselves.

If they don’t get the funding, there’s a good chance they won’t be able to help out other animals in need.

“The animals that need to be surrendered… we will have to put a cease to that, we won’t be able to take anymore animals in,” added Brandsgard.

To help raise some funds, the SPCA is holding multiple fundraisers including a Stuff-The-Bus event on August 14 and 15 and a BBQ/carwash on August 21.

These are some of the first live events the organization has been able to hold since the start of the pandemic.

Brandsgard notes they’ve needed to be creative in raising funds which includes directly asking the community for help.

“We need to find alternative ways to raise money, so we’re trying to think outside of the box.”

Individuals can also donate directly to the SPCA through their website.

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