Sandy Bowman Now Running To Become Next RMWB Mayor

A local small business owner is looking to become the next mayor of the RMWB.

Sandy Bowman, Owner of Bowmans Martial Arts, officially announced his intention on Tuesday to run for the top spot on Wood Buffalo council against Verna Murphy and Mike Allen.

He previously announced he would try to become one of six Ward One Councillors.

However, Bowman tells Mix News he changed his mind after speaking with his family, residents, and business owners.

“I feel like the community’s not being represented by the municipal Councillors, there are decisions being made that don’t represent what the community wants. I think we’re at a point right now where we need our municipal government to really reflect that they work for the people of Fort McMurray.”

A recent survey conducted by Mainstreet Research highlighted who some residents were considering voting for in the election.

Mayor Scott came in first, however, he announced last month he won’t be seeking re-election.

Coming in second was Bowman despite running for Ward One at the time.

He claims he had nothing to do with the poll, however, it has been brought up in conversations.

In these talks, Bowman discussed council needing to better support residents and businesses who already call the RMWB home.

“I want to try to take care of the people who’ve already decided to live and work in the region and focus our resources on keeping people here, keeping our small businesses here.”

He also believes the region needs to revamp its tourism sector.

Meanwhile, Bowman has no political experience.

In his 30 years in the region he’s made a name for himself in the sports community.

This includes serving on the board for the 2015 Western Canada Games, the 2018 Alberta Winter Games, and being the Chair on the RMWB Combative Sports Commission from 2013 to 2019.

“I’ve been more involved in the community than anybody, I think, who’s been mayor. I don’t think experience will play a factor at all and my job is leading people, so I think I’m actually more qualified for the job than someone who’s been in politics and not been involved in the community the way I have,” Bowman added.

The election is scheduled for October 18, 2021.

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