Census Shows Population On-Pace For Slight Decrease, Showing Positive Trend Away From Transient Workforce

Despite still ongoing, the municipal census is highlighting a positive trend for the region’s population.

Speaking on Fort McMurray Matters, Project Lead Kodjo Efu says they’ve been in contact with 68 per cent of dwellings or approximately 22,000 properties.

They’ve been able to count over 53,000 residents which puts the region on pace to hit a population of around 71,000. This would be down from the roughly 75,000 counted in 2018.

However, Efu tells Mix News the region may be getting close to a firm number as many claim to have lived here for over 11 years.

“The transient nature of our population is slowly changing to a more permanent form of population.”

The best way to determine whether this is true may be the senior population.

In the past two censuses, the number of seniors choosing to live in the region has increased slightly.

Efu notes if this trend continues, it’s a good sign that more people want to stay here long-term.

“It means we’re becoming more and more of a place where people want to stay instead of just a location where folks come to work and than just leave.”

As for new residents, the census has talked to around 4,000 individuals who stated they’ve moved here within the last three years.

Again, Efu claims this is another positive number the region can get behind.

“You hear folks often saying that people are leaving the region and that’s what you hear often…  but we often don’t see or get the numbers of the folks that are actually coming to the region.”

You have until July 31 to take part in the census.

Residents can either call the Pulse Line 780-743-7000, complete it online, or have an enumerator visit their home.

A PIN is needed to finish the census with those who’ve lost theirs able to email [email protected] or contact Pulse to get a copy.

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