Report: Oilsands Emission Levels Decreasing Despite Increase In Production

Despite oilsands mining increasing over the past few years, emission levels have dropped.

That’s according to a new report released by the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP).

They note from 2013 to 2019 mining production increased by 59 per cent, however, greenhouse gas (GHG) levels dropped by around 14 per cent.

The same pattern is also being recorded for in-situ facilities.

Over the same seven year period production grew by 66 per cent, while emission levels decreased by 8 per cent.

“Canada’s natural gas and oil industry has a track record of being one of the most transparent around the world,” said Ben Brunnen, VP Oil Sands, Fiscal & Economic Policy.

“This report raises the bar even higher, positioning the industry as a leader in voluntarily reporting the collective emissions performance of our industry, and should be a challenge for other jurisdictions to do the same.”

GHG emission reduction strategies are in place which include; methane reduction, carbon capture, utilization and storage and cogeneration.

Meanwhile, five oil companies have also expressed their intentions to eliminate all emissions by 2050.

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