Over 50 Per Cent Of Eligible Residents In Fort McMurray Fully Vaccinated From COVID-19

Over 50 per cent of eligible residents in Fort McMurray are fully vaccinated from COVID-19.

According to the province, over 33,000 individuals born in 2009 or earlier have received two doses.

When accounting for the entire population, including those who aren’t eligible, this represents just under 42 per cent.

The best turnout has been from those 60 years and older as around 68 per cent of residents in this age range have gotten their first dose.

Those between the ages of 40 and 59 are sitting at 59 per cent fully vaccinated, while those between the ages of 20 and 39 are at 40 per cent and 12 to 19 at 45 per cent.

The rural areas still find themselves behind as around 35 per cent are fully vaccinated. This represents roughly 1,200 individuals.

The entire RMWB is under the provincial average which currently sits just under 58 per cent.

Those born in 2009 or earlier can book a time to get their first shot at MacDonald Island Park or at participating healthcare facilities, while those who got theirs on June 18 or earlier can set up a time to get their second.

Those who got their first shot on June 19 can sign up on Saturday, Sunday for those who received theirs on June 20, and so forth.

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