Mayor Scott Not Running In Upcoming Municipal Election

Mayor Don Scott won’t be seeking re-election in this year’s municipal election.

After discussions with his family and friends, he’s decided to step away from politics and once again practice law.

Scott tells Mix News he considered running again, however, he believes he needs to ‘move forward in a new direction.’

“It’s been an amazing honour to serve the people of this region and I think it’s been incredibly rewarding, it’s been challenging of course but that’s the nature of public service.”

Scott was elected back in 2017 after beating fellow candidates Allan Grandison, Tony Needham, and Allan Vinni.

He had previously served as a Councillor for Ward One before resigning to become a PC MLA.

During his return to politics, Scott and the rest of Wood Buffalo council dealt with one of the most stressful terms in the region’s history.

Along with the COVID-19 pandemic, they had to navigate around a downturn in the economy and the 2020 flood.

Scott says none of these events played any part in his decision.

“I see all these various challenges as an opportunity to demonstrate how great this community is and to rise above these challenges and that’s exactly what this community always does.”

He didn’t say whether this would be his last attempt in politics.

For now, the goal is to practice law in Fort McMurray and spend time with his family.

At this time, there are two candidates to become the next mayor of the RMWB – Verna Murphy and Mike Allen.

The election is set for October 18.

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