RMWB Continuing Research Into Potential Equipment Which Could Help Against Ice Jams

A study is being done to determine whether a certain ice breaking machine could help with future river breakups.

Wood Buffalo council met on Tuesday where they approved having administration continue researching the Amphibex machine.

This multi-handed equipment has been used in Manitoba for several years to help break ice on different bodies of water.

Previous research, done by the University of Saskatchewan, was done on the machine, however, it determined the equipment could increase the risk of an ice jam.

It did provide potential solutions to address concerns.

Through the study, the RMWB will look into the possible solutions, the effects of back water pooling through the ice breaking process, and the need for riverbed slopes to allow for increased volume of flow for the newly created ice and water.

Results are expected in around four-months.

The municipality is spending around $50,000 for the study which will be covered by funds already allocated in the 2021 budget.

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