Council Offering Support To Lytton, B.C. After Wildfire Devastates Community

Wood Buffalo council is reaching out to the village of Lytton, British Columbia after being devastated by a wildfire.

The blaze started last week as the community experienced the warmest temperatures ever experienced in Canada.

According to CBC News, two individuals have died, while around 1,000 residents were forced to evacuate. In total, it’s expected around 90 per cent of the village has been destroyed.

This is one of the country’s biggest evacuations since approximately 88,000 individuals had to leave Fort McMurray and surrounding areas as the Horse River wildfire threatened the community.

Councillor Mike Allen brought forward a motion on Tuesday where it directed Mayor Scott to offer support to Lytton’s elected officials.

He says they have valuable information on lessons the community learned in its recovery.

“I think of any community in Canada this is one that can really recognize and understand the pain that community is going through.”

According to Allen, the RMWB’s administration has already been in contact with Lytton’s.

He didn’t specify what exactly they’ve discussed, however, he noted they should still offer an ear to the community moving forward.

“There is value in having correspondents with the elected body of this community and the elected body of their community.”

No financial support was brought up in the motion.

Allen says he kept this motion specifically on sharing experience, though he believes there could be talks down the road on other forms of support.

“Should those be requested, I’m confident our administration will bring it forward to council for consideration.”

At this time, Lytton residents are still not allowed back in their community.

As of Tuesday afternoon the wildfire was still deemed out of control.

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