FMPSD Naming Composite Main Gym After Phil Meagher

Composite’s main gym is being named after Phil Meagher.

The longtime municipal Councillor has spent the last 37 years working for the Fort McMurray Public School Division and is set to retire at the end of July.

“Phil has provided FMPSD and the greater community with a lifetime of dedication,” said Jennifer Turner, FMPSD Superintendent. “All FMPSD members overtime have received support, guidance, humour, and compassion from him.”

He started back in 1983 as a substitute teacher, taking on different positions during his career such as Vice Principal, Principal, Coach to Associate Superintendent of Education and Chief Deputy Superintendent, HR and Admin – a position he’s held since 2007.

“No one will ever understand how much this honour means to me! It is the gym where I started my career; my wife was part of the first Composite High graduating class in 1977 – in that gym,” added Meagher.

“All five of my children graduated from that school and have banners in that gym. I never expected such a wonderful honour. As a matter of fact, I am still a little emotional about it. Thanks is never enough, it was just an amazing honour! Still a little speechless.”

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