Girls Inc More Than Doubles Outreach Across Region in 2020 Despite COVID Pandemic

Despite the global pandemic, Girls Inc. of Northern Alberta had a strong 2020.

The non-profit released their annual report earlier this week which noted they were able to empower nearly 1,600 girls – their highest total ever in a calendar year.

This is more than double the number they were able to reach in 2019 and roughly four times the amount from 2017.

These girls were empowered through 12 different programs in-school, after school, and in the community.

The majority did take part online, sitting around 81 per cent.

Though the increases are a big success, it highlights a big need in the community.

“While scaling up newly developed programs from 2019, we focused on offering and developing programs to address the increasing vulnerability, gendered inequality, and sense of isolation that girls came to experience in 2020,” said Nanase Tonda, Executive Director of Girls Inc. of Northern Alberta.

One of the organization’s biggest accomplishments last year was increasing their outreach to remote and Indigenous communities.

From 2016 to 2019, around 15 per cent of girls in these areas were able to access their programs. However, in 2020, it increased to over 31 per cent.

“These increases were largely a result of shifting to an inclusive program delivery model, a combination of virtual facilitation, kit delivery and direct check-ins — together with community collaboration,” added Tonda.

Girls Inc’s annual revenue also peaked over $600,000 last year. This is more than $110,000 year-over-year.

Expenses were kept near the same level, while they were able to see an increase in donations and fundraising efforts.

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