RMWB’s Active COVID Total Close To Dropping Under 100

The active total of COVID-19 cases in Fort McMurray is continuing to drop.

The province also announced on Wednesday 153 new cases over the past 24-hours.

There are currently 2,639 active cases across Alberta, while there have been a total of 230,858 positive tests.

There are also 255 Albertans in the hospital for the virus, 67 of which are in ICUs.

Locally, Fort McMurray added one new case and eight recoveries in the past 24 hours which lowers the active total to 93.

The rural areas saw no new cases and two recoveries, putting the active total at 15.

In total, 6,851 individuals across the RMWB – 6,534 in Fort McMurray and 317 in the rural areas – have recovered.

They are among the 225,941 who’ve recovered across the province. This represents over 97 per cent of reported cases.

Vaccine Update

Over 62 per cent of eligible residents in Fort McMurray and roughly 42 per cent in the rural areas have gotten at least one shot of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Right now, those born in 2009 or earlier can book an appointment at MacDonald Island Park or participating healthcare facilities.

Those who got their first shot in April or earlier can also set a time to receive their second.

This is the current breakdown for who’s gotten the vaccine in Fort McMurray:

  • 75+: 512 people (70 per cent)
  • 60-74: 4,863 people (71 per cent)
  • 40-59: 16,107 people (69 per cent)
  • 20-39: 15,086 people (53 per cent)
  • 12-19: 4,001 people (58 per cent)

This is the current breakdown for who’s gotten the vaccine in the rural areas:

  • 75+: 61 people (58 per cent)
  • 60-74: 280 people (55 per cent)
  • 40-59: 581 people (49 per cent)
  • 20-39: 366 people (31 per cent)
  • 12-19: 156 people (33 per cent)

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