Nine Indigenous Keyano Students Receiving Funding To Help Continue Education

Nine Indigenous students at Keyano College are getting funding to help continue their education.

The post-secondary school were contacted by True North Valve Solutions in late 2020 about creating a new award to specifically help support Indigenous students.

Originally, the company was planning to provide $2,000, however, they increased the funds to $5,000 to support every eligible student who applied.

They focused on those who were struggling and experiencing barriers with continuing their education.

“Removing barriers to education is the goal of every postsecondary institution and we are so fortunate at Keyano College to have such dedicated community partners,” said Dale Mountain, Interim President & CEO of Keyano.

Ken Braget, President of True North Valve Solutions, says they decided to increase the funding after reading all the applications.

“I am even more convinced of the importance of education after reading these applications, every single one struck a chord with me,” he added.

“I know this money will make a huge difference to their college experience.”

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