RMWB Extending Deadline For Ptarmigan Court Property Owners To Take Buyout

Property owners in Ptarmigan Court are getting extra time to decide whether to take a buyout.

Wood Buffalo council met virtually on Tuesday where they approved extending the deadline these individuals need to make a decision to the end of June.

Owners in the neighbourhood have been given the option to take a buyout since the municipality can’t properly protect the area from future flooding.

The area is the only one impacted by the flood the RMWB has approved buyouts for.

So far, 47 of 69 properties have fully executed buyout offers.

Another 10 properties remain undecided, while 12 claim they don’t plan on leaving.

These property owners have until June 30 to either make a decision or potentially change their decision.

Those who take a buyout will receive payment based on 2020 accessed values.

Meanwhile, the municipality is continuing to advocate for low-cost residential flood insurance.

Many residents impacted by last year’s flood didn’t have proper insurance, while many now are finding it hard to get coverage.

Council approved advocating to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Board of Directors through a resolution which looks to get their support in encouraging the government of Alberta to take part in a federal task force aimed at finding insurance options.

The FCM is expected to discuss the request when they meet between September 14 and September 17.

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