Rare Solar Eclipse Happening Thursday Morning

A rare solar eclipse is going to be showing its face in the very near future.

Described as a sunrise eclipse, which only happens around once every fifty years, the sun will be rising already partially covered.

Jon Tupper, creator of the ‘Fort McMurray Amateur Astronomy Enthusiasts’ group, tells Mix News it will truly be a sight you don’t want to miss.

“As the sun goes into the eclipse, even though its over the horizon, you might actually see the dawn light start to dim almost like dawn was put on a dimmer switch.”

Being so far north, the community will get a better look at the eclipse.

Tupper says there are a few types of places which will help residents get the best look.

“Places like the southwest corner of Gregoire Lake would be good, any place looking over a body of water. Ideally, also try to get yourself high up on a hill somewhere with a clear view of the northeast.”

Tupper will be flying up to Andrew Lake Lodge, located near where Alberta, Saskatchewan, and the Northwest Territories connect, to get a better view of it.

Joining him will be members of the Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo Economic Development Corporation.

“We’re going to be capturing the event behind the scenes because that’s the story we can build on and try and attract more amateur astronomers and those who are interested in following the dark skies and the northern lights into our region,” said Michael Sieger, Vice President of Tourism with the FMWBEDC.

If you want to view the eclipse, it’s set to happen around 4:30 a.m. on Thursday.

Tupper is reminding the public to use a pair of welder shades, 12 or higher, to protect their eyes from the sun.

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