Province Introducing $370M Job-Creating Program

The provincial government is allocating $370 million to help create jobs across Alberta.

Employers will be able to apply for a grant that covers 25 per cent of an employee’s salary for a 52-week period with a maximum of $25,000 per individual.

Businesses and non-profits can receive funding for up to 20 positions.

“We’re investing in Alberta’s economic recovery with financial support to provide job opportunities for unemployed Albertans,” said Premier Jason Kenney.

“This is a long-term investment in working Albertans as we recover from the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and recession.”

The grant can also be used to cover training costs.

Employers who hire persons with disabilities will receive a grant 1.5 times higher than the amount they receive for other new employees.

“By encouraging businesses to create and fill jobs and train new employees, we’re getting Albertans back to work sooner and putting money in their pockets that they could spend at local businesses, further driving economic recovery,” added Doug Schweitzer, Minister of Jobs, Economy, and Innovation.

Employers have until August 31 to apply. A second round will take place between September 15 and December 31.

The province is estimating this program to help create around 22,000 jobs.

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