Three Fines, No Charges Handed Out In RMWB For Violating Health Orders Since Start Of Pandemic

A total of three fines have been handed in the region for people not following COVID-19 measures.

According to Bylaw Services, they’ve responded to a total of 279 calls since March 2020.

One of these citations was issued under the Public Health Act, while the other two were issued for individuals not wearing a mask.

The RMWB has taken an education-first approach when dealing with these calls.

Speaking on Fort McMurray Matters, Mayor Don Scott said he personally hasn’t seen anyone blatantly disobeying the orders.

“When I’m out driving around or doing whatever, the majority of residents I’m seeing are following the rules.”

As for those protesting the measures in front of the provincial building, he noted it’s a tough situation as everyone has the right to protest.

He is hoping these individuals eventually understand the measures are in place to protect residents and events like these can be dangerous.

“I would encourage them to take measures that are safe.”

Meanwhile, Wood Buffalo RCMP have also been busy responding to COVID-related calls since the start of the pandemic.

Over the past 14 months, they’ve received 170 calls about individuals not following the public health orders.

Just like the municipality, the Mounties have taken an education-first approach and, to date, have not charged anyone.

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