Gift Cards Being Created Which Can Only Be Used In Community

The Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce is launching a new shop local initiative.

They, in partnership with Bouchier, are creating Love.Shop.Local. prepaid gift cards which can only be used at participating businesses in the community.

Dianna de Sousa, Executive Director, tells Mix News they’re hoping these cards become quite popular as it will be a big boost to the local economy.

“Sixty-five per cent of persons who walk in with a gift card will spend 35 per cent more than the value of the card, so it creates local traffic.”

So far, around 100 local businesses have partnered on the initiative.

This program is similar to others offered by other communities, however, the Chamber argues they don’t go as far.

“A lot of them are related to tourism but this is, for us, execution of an initiative that is designed to promote people within the community, to visit local vendors, places in our communities, businesses,” added Stuart McIntosh, Marketing and Communications Specialist.

Cards are currently available and can hold up to $100.

They all feature a vibrant, award-winning photograph of the Northern Lights captured by local artist Crystal Mercredi.

More information, including how to obtain a card and which businesses are participating, can be found on the Chamber’s website.

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