Housing Market Sees Strong April, Continuing Promising Start To 2021

The local housing market is continuing to remain strong in 2021.

According to the Fort McMurray REALTORS® April report, 81 single-family detached homes were sold last month at an average price of around $543,000.

This is up from the 13 homes sold last April which brought in nearly $50,000 less.

April’s numbers come after the region saw its best three-month start since 2014.

“Improving confidence over a post-covid economy, along with low mortgage rates and pent-up demand is contributing to improving home sales,” read the Realtors report.

Meanwhile, the Realtors also noted inventory levels remain low, the lowest seen in nearly two decades.

In total, there are 388 homes, apartments, mobile properties, and more available on the market.

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