FMPSD Not Piloting Draft K-6 Curriculum, FMCSD Still Reviewing

The Fort McMurray Public School Division won’t pilot the provincial government’s draft K-6 curriculum.

A board meeting was held last week where the administration voted in favour of keeping the current curriculum for the next school year.

The government of Alberta announced in March schools would soon focus on four themes: literacy, numeracy, citizenship, and practical skills.

However, it has received heavy backlash over the lack of alleged consultation, focuses, and more.

“This has been and continues to be, a very challenging time for our students, staff and their families,” said Linda Mywaart, FMPSD Board Chair.

“We need to focus next years’ efforts on addressing the academic and mental health impacts of all these adverse events, and deliberately and thoughtfully work towards a sense of normalcy for our students and staff.”

The FMPSD plans to conduct a comprehensive review of the draft curriculum ahead of its full implementation in the 2022-2023 school year.

This will include the formation of focus groups, continuing to gather community and professional feedback, and more.

“At that time, FMPSD staff will make use of Professional Learning Fridays to ensure they have their own learning opportunities to prepare for the transition to the new curriculum,” added Jennifer Turner, Superintendent.

“Every voice matters, so as a Board we will do our part to add your local voice to other voices across the province.”

Meanwhile, the Fort McMurray Catholic School District has yet to make a decision on piloting the curriculum.

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