Province Recognizing Fort McKay Metis Nation Harvesting Rights

The Fort McKay Métis Nation is taking a big step towards being recognized as a self-governing community.

They’ve officially signed an agreement with the GoA that acknowledges the harvesting rights of its members.

Ever since they left the Métis Nation of Alberta back in 2020, it was illegal for members to hunt and harvest.

“We never did stop harvesting, I want to make that very clear because we use that for sustenance, we just it to teach our children the ways of our people and unfortunately because of legislation in the past, policy in the past, that was illegal,” said Ron Quintal, President of the Fort McKay Métis Nation.

They are now the first Métis Community in the province, not under the MNA, to receive this recognition. They’ve also been given the right to issue their own harvesting cards to their members.

Quintal adds this validates their decision to leave the Métis Nation of Alberta.

“There were no guarantees of recognition of our rights, there were no guarantees that our community would be able to function as a Métis community…. but with risk comes reward.”

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