Bus Driver Pleads Pleads Guilty In Collision That Killed Local Woman, Fined $2K and Given Driving Suspension

A coach bus driver is being fined $2,000 for accidentally killing a 51-year-old Fort McMurray woman while turning at an intersection.

Lester Orbeta pled guilty on Tuesday to failing to yield to a pedestrian which caused the death of Michelle Davies.

During the evening of December 5, 2019, Davies was struck while using the crosswalk at the intersection of Confederation Way and Brett Drive.

According to dashcam footage, Orbeta waited for a vehicle to pass before turning onto the side street.

He claimed he saw a silhouette while turning, however, it was too late to stop once he realized Davies was crossing the street.

The prosecution and defense argued whether Orbeta was too careless when turning off Confederation Way.

Prosecutor Michelle Jessome claimed he had more than enough time to double-check whether anyone was using the crosswalk.

“If he was paying attention, he would have seen her.”

The defense stated there was no physical evidence to suggest Davies was already crossing before he started to turn.

They also noted the lack of street lights in the area and the fact she was wearing dark clothes and earbuds also made it harder for him to see her.

After hearing both sides, a judge fined Orbeta $2,000 and gave him a 30-day driving sentence. This was the maximum punishment the prosecution was seeking.

He currently remains employed at the same company, however, he’s on medical leave due to suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

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