Kenney: Restrictions Expected To Be Gone By Mid-September

A return to a sense of normal may happen sooner rather than later.

Premier Jason Kenney provided an update on Monday on the province’s vaccine rollout plan and when restrictions could potentially be eased.

He noted their data suggests nearly half of the province’s population will have some sort of immunity, through vaccines or by already contracting the virus, by the end of May.

It’s expected to jump to over 70 per cent by mid-September with the GoA planning to remove virtually all restrictions if that number is hit.

This includes no masking and no isolation.

“In the race between the vaccines and variants, we are gaining ground. We will keep accelerating our rollout and timelines,” added Kenney.

“We are determined to meet or surpass our commitment to offer every adult a first dose by June 30.”

So far, more than 684,000 Albertans have received at least one dose of vaccine.

Kenney adds they’re on pace to administer 300,000 doses a week as roughly 1,300 pharmacies and 103 immunization sites are providing shots to eligible Albertans.

“I strongly urge Albertans to get immunized as soon as you are eligible,” added Tyler Shandro, Minister of Health.

“When it’s your turn, please sign up for your shot, show up for your appointment and follow up for your second dose.”

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