Keyano Setting Up Tiger Dam To Protect Against Potential Flooding This Year, Looking At Long-Term Solutions After Unable To Get Insurance

Keyano College is planning to use a tiger dam to protect their buildings from any potential flooding coming from river breakup.

The post-secondary school experienced around $55 million in damages from 2020’s flood due to all their buildings being under the 100-year flood plain level.

Most repair work was finished by last August, however, some areas are still being remediated.

As a result of all the damage, Keyano was unable to get overland flood insurance coverage and has been working on a plan to protect against any future flooding.

For this year, they’re opting to put up a tiger dam flood barrier which consists of water-fillable tubes that can be quickly deployed in an emergency.

“The Tiger Dam system will be deployed in April and timed with the river break-up,” said Dale Mountain, Interim President & CEO. “The College will conduct an annual exercise of deployment as part of our emergency preparedness.”

Long-term mitigation plans include the construction of fixed barriers, changes to storm and sanitary sewers, and improving the water evacuation pumping system.

The breakup usually happens between mid and late April.

More information about river breakup can be found on the RMWB’s website.

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