Mayor Scott Wanting Province To Provide Funds To Help Protect Draper Properties From Future Flooding

Mayor Don Scott is calling on the provincial government to help fund the grant program for Draper residents.

Through it, property owners would receive funds to help them protect their lots from future flooding. The main use would help raise properties to the 251 metre mark.

Speaking on Fort McMurray Matters, Scott says he’s asked the GoA to help fund the program, however, the municipality hasn’t received any support for the neighbourhood.

“I’ve been asking for flood mitigation support for over a year and there’s been very little.”

Currently, the RMWB projects each lot will need between $20,000 and $80,000.

Like the Ptarmigan Court buyouts, they are planning to provide the funds at this time.

The GoA has promised to allocate $11 million for the buyouts, however, the municipality needs to accept multiple conditions before the funds are provided. This has not happened at this time.

“The province has been sitting on their hands through most of this whole experience and it’s no different with Draper,” added Scott.

In a statement sent to Mix News, Municipal Affairs spokesperson Mckenzie Kibler says the funds they’ve allocated for the region are focused on uninsurable losses from last year’s flood and buyouts.

He adds they’re still waiting for updates from RMWB on the exact plan moving forward for Draper.

Back in September, the GoA and the federal government allocated $8.6 million to help with flood mitigation. This is in addition to the roughly $150 million the RMWB has already spent.

Meanwhile, the municipality is hoping to have the grant program developed in the near future.

Scott notes it’s taken a long time due to every property having specific needs.

“Some people are going to be raised, other people may be able to do some other form of protection for their property but we want to make sure it is a lot by lot approach.”

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