Local Woman Finishes 200KM Journey Showcasing Region

A local woman has completed a 200 km journey in an attempt to showcase the region.

Jessica Leska’s plan to run to Fort Chipewyan was changed 6 days before her run due to a shorter winter road season.

From March 5 to 8, she ended up traveling from Anzac to Draper.

While many celebrated the unseasonably warm temperatures last weekend, it made Leska’s trek much harder.

“Having trained for all the cold weather, the warm temperatures really threw a wrench into things because it softens the snow so much and it makes it really, really hard going,” she said.

“I had to really hike it out for the first couple of days and then I was getting really fatigued from having to push through it so I just decided, you know what we’ll make the middle days, two and three, shorter and add the rest of the kilometres on to the final day which was supposed to be minus 6.”

The run was self-supported, with Leska towing everything she needed to complete the four-day run in a sled behind her.

Every night she melted snow on a stove for drinking the next day and to make her dehydrated food.

Shaw Spotlight and Thomas Hopkins Photography documented much of her run and a short documentary will be released soon.

For inspiration, Jessica listened to podcasts while she ran her 10 hour days.

She says she’s already planning to do it again next year.

“I’d like to explore other areas and maybe up the ante, having been very spoiled this time with outhouses and fire pits. I’d like to try more remote and see what else I can discover.”

You can see more photos and details of her journey on the She Runs North Facebook page.

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