RMWB Currently Processing 38 Buyouts in Ptarmigan Court

The municipality is currently in the process of providing 38 buyouts for property owners in Ptarmigan Court.

That’s according to Mayor Don Scott who gave an update on the neighbourhood on Fort McMurray Matters.

The municipality is offering voluntary buyouts for the neighbourhood at 2020 accessed levels as there’s no practical way to protect the area from future flooding.

Along with the 38 buyouts already in progress, another five have expressed interest in moving out of the area.

Scott says, at this time, the RMWB is paying for all the buyouts.

“If we sat around waiting for the provincial government nothing would ever happen based on what I’ve seen to date.”

The GoA is offering up to $11 million to help with the buyouts.

However, before this happens, the municipality needs to agree to a conditional grant agreement that would outline the use of funds, future limits on development, and more.

“They like to claim all these victories in this region by telling us we’re getting this money and they don’t actually provide the check,” added Scott.

Seven property owners have expressed no interest in a buyout, three would like their property raised, while another two want to stay at status quo.

The other properties are either undecided or haven’t been reached.

Meanwhile, Wood Buffalo council will be given an update on Ptarmigan Court, Draper, and river breakup when they meet virtually on Tuesday starting at 4 p.m.

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