RMWB Closing Off Sections of Roads And Trails Preparing For River Breakup

The municipality is temporarily closing off sections of multiple roads and trails as they prepare for river breakup.

Starting on March 8, you won’t be able to travel along Clearwater Drive from Father Mercredi Street to Franklin Avenue.

Parts of Main Street, Hardin Street, Riedel Street, Hospital Street, Queen Street, and Marshall Street near the Clearwater River are also being closed off.

A portion of Fontaine Crescent in Longboat Landing, a section of Parkview Drive in Ptarmigan Court, and part of the Highway 63 East Service Road in Taiga Nova Eco-Industrial Park are also being temporarily blocked off.

Meanwhile, the municipality says trails near temporary flood mitigation measures will also be closed.

River breakup usually happens between mid and late April.

More information, including all measures being taken to prevent flooding, can be found on the RMWB’s website.

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