Choices Association Officially Dissolving After Lack Of Funding

Choices Association of Fort McMurray is officially dissolving.

A special resolutions meeting was held on February 27 where a decision was made to permanently close their doors.

The non-profit, which has helped individuals with barriers with employment services for around 50 years, stopped client services last October due to a lack of funding.

“We whole-heartedly believe that the original intent of the Choices’ founders – to provide supports for their children with disabilities – has been accomplished for both children and adults in the community with many organizations now providing similar supports,” added Monica Raike, Board Chair of Choices.

The organization was established in 1969 advocating for parents with children with developmental disabilities.

Over the next five decades, the group’s mission evolved to focus on providing employment support services to individuals with a wide range of barriers and/or limitations that prevent them from securing and maintaining employment.

Choices’ Board will continue operating until all dissolution requirements have been met.

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