RMWB Looking For Public Feedback on OHV Use in Fort McMurray

You’re being asked to share your thoughts on off-highway-vehicles.

The RMWB is launching a survey to get the public’s feedback on possible changes for the OHV Master Plan.

They’re focusing on ways to stop people from using the vehicles in unauthorized areas such as the cleared spaces between the forest and properties which were put in place to help reduce the risk of homes being damaged by future wildfires.

“Off-highway vehicles are a very popular recreation activity in the region and the Master Plan provides guidance to educate, enhance and encourage responsible use,” said Stephen Fudge, Manager, Parks.

“While it is important that we hear from OHV users, it is just as important to hear from non-OHV users to ensure the updated plan and recommendations reflect the views of the entire community.”

People living in the rural communities can provide feedback, however, the RMWB is focused on Fort McMurray.

The survey will be available on the RMWB’s website until March 8.

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