People With COVID-19 Being Asked To Join Clinical Trial Aimed At Easing Symptoms

People who get COVID-19 are being asked to take part in a new clinical trial.

CardiAI Inc, a Calgary-based biotechnology company, has been given provincial regulatory approval to test a mix of medications that could help alleviate symptoms and stop the virus from getting worse.

It consists of two different parts – people recovering from the virus in the hospital and those in quarantine at home or other secure areas.

Dr. Anmol Kapoor, who’s overseeing the trial, tells Mix News many areas of COVID-19 continue to be unknown, including treatments.

“We don’t know if the strategy may be helpful, so that’s why it’s better to test this hypothesis in a clinical trial setting where we can monitor it.”

Participants would be asked to take a mix of colchicine and aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, and rivaroxaban which aims to prevent blood clots.

Kapoor says this combination could help prevent people from developing stronger symptoms, such as clots, and help those already suffering recover.

“Those blood clots can cause strokes, problems with breathing, and other complications.”

This trial is aimed at people who currently have COVID-19 and not those who previously had the virus.

Those interested in participating will be able to discuss all the possible ups and downs before officially signing up.

“There’s no medication without any side effects, but the patient would contact us and we’ll go through exclusion and inclusion of the clinical trial and also help them understand their individual risk to participate or to not participate.”

People can get more information by calling 1-587-889-6307 or emailing [email protected] or [email protected].

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