Fort McMurray Urban Market Changes Status to Farmers’ Market, Opens Feb 20

The Fort McMurray Urban market is now The YMM Urban Farmers’ Market.

The  Alberta “Farmers’ Market” distinction comes with stipulations including 80% of the goods must be made, baked, or grown in Alberta, 20% may be resold goods but still must be made, baked, or grown, and multilevel marketing companies are not permitted.

“We became a farmers’ market as they’re considered an essential service, just like grocery stores, because they sell food and that allows us to be open when other markets cannot,” said organizer Bev Exner.

The market will be located downtown at 8124 Fraser Avenue and will open fully every weekend from 10:00am-4:00pm, with a few permanent stalls opening every day.

“We have two divisions, permanent vendors and non-permanent vendors.  For the permanent vendors, we have somebody roasting coffee on-site and a baker right beside her, and they’ll be open every day of the week from early in the morning until about seven at night.  The second division will be vendors that can’t commit to being there every weekend and they’ll be switching out”

Weekend vendors include a microbrewery, take-home dinners, organic fresh made bread, crafts as well as other “surprises”.

More information can be found on the YMM Urban Farmer’s Market facebook page.


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