Group Of Teens Collecting Bottles In An Effort To Feed Less-Fortunate Children Around The World

A group of six teens from Fort McMurray have teamed up in an attempt to help feed children in some of the world’s poorest communities.

During the summer, 18-year-old Daksh Patel was searching the Wood Buffalo Volunteers website and discovered Mary’s Meals – a non-profit aimed at helping the less fortunate across the globe.

He ended up reaching out to five of his friends who wanted to help out and after trying to think of a way to raise money, they started a bottle drive.

“So it’s just the six of us giving our recycling every three weeks and it’s actually turned out to be a really good amount,” said Patel.

So far, they’ve collected enough funds to feed 15 children for an entire school year. According to Mary’s Meals, it costs just $26.40 to feed one child.

“It’s amazing what such a small amount of people can do for children around the world,” added Patel.

At this moment, they don’t know who or where these children are as Mary’s Meals is in charge of finding those in need.

However, Patel says it doesn’t matter if they know the children as long as they get the help they need.

Meanwhile, the group has no plans on stopping anytime soon.

They’re looking to expand their bottle drive across the entire community.

“We’re really happy we’ve helped 15 so far with just the six of us and in the future, we’re hoping to partner with schools and restaurants if they’re willing to give their recycling.”

They plan on reaching out to different businesses, restaurants, and schools in the coming weeks to see if they’re interested in helping out.

People interested in helping out can email [email protected].

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