Council Getting Update On Draper Slope Issues, Expected To Extend Regional Mask Bylaw

Wood Buffalo council meets this week where they’ll discuss next steps for Draper properties dealing with slope stability issues.

According to administration, there are 10 lots dealing with large or localized shallow slope instability.

Currently, these properties are experiencing a mix of gradual sinking near the back, cracks across the land, retaining and block walls being pushed back and uneven, as well as ground deformation and swelling at bottom of the slope.

The amount of rainfall the community received last year is believed to have exacerbated the issues.

The slope issues have also delayed construction on the Rural Water and Sewer Servicing Connection plan in the neighbourhood. Connections aren’t expected to start until 2023.

Moving forward, administration is recommending the municipality add Draper to the RMWB slope monitoring program, review, adjust, and manage the program to meet changing conditions, and get permission from property owners to monitor on their private land.

Buyouts were reportedly brought up when speaking with these 10 property owners.

Council is also set to hear the feedback the community provided over the past several weeks about the land-use bylaw.

It was last updated in 1999 and governs what can be done or built on any piece of land including signage and parking.

They’re also expected to extend the regional mask bylaw.

It came into effect back on October 26 when the RMWB hit 50 active cases.

Council will discuss this and other topics when they meet virtually on Tuesday starting at 4 p.m.

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