Scott: Real Consequence For Politicians Who Traveled Over Holidays Will Come At Next Election

Mayor Don Scott is echoing the frustration many Albertans are dealing with after multiple MLA’s traveled over the holidays.

Speaking on Fort McMurray Matters, he noted he fully understands why many were upset that many politicians decided to take a trip abroad despite everyone being asked to stay home to limit the spread of COVID-19.

One of the politicians who took a trip was Tany Yao, MLA for Fort McMurray – Wood Buffalo, who’s since apologized.

Scott tells Mix News the pandemic will remain a major problem if people continue to ignore recommendations and mandatory measures.

“We need to get these small businesses back up and running and I’m gravely concerned about them. I speak to businesses every day and they’re eager to just get open again, otherwise, there’s going to be some extreme difficulty.”

The province has since reprimanded everyone who traveled aboard.

Yao, along with MLA’s Tanya Fir and Pat Rehn, who removed from their committee positions.

Premier Jason Kenney also accepted the resignation of Municipal Affairs Minister Tracy Allard, Jeremy Nixon as Parliamentary Secretary for Civil Society, Jason Stephan from the Treasury Board, and his Chief of Staff Jamie Huckabay.

However, Scott believes the real consequences will come at the next election.

“In a democracy, there are consequences at the ballot box.”

Scott states he spent the holidays in town with his family.

He, just like most people, was frustrated that he couldn’t travel home to visit his father who suffered a stroke last year.

“If there’s any person who I would have loved to visit in the last year it’s my dad, but given the circumstances and I think we’re all in this together and we have to act that way.”

As for his council colleagues, Scott added, to the best of his knowledge, everyone stayed in the community.

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