RMWB Opens Process For Ptarmigan Court Property Owners To Request Buyout or Home Raised

Ptarmigan Court property owners are being asked to contact the municipality about whether they would like a buyout or have their home raised.

Wood Buffalo council approved offering buyouts to residents in the neighbourhood back in December due to the ‘impracticality’ of providing structural flood mitigation.

Temporary flood barriers will be placed prior to this year’s river breakup, however, there are currently no plans for any mitigation in the neighbourhood afterward.

Ptarmigan is the only flood-prone area – which includes downtown, Longboat Landing, Draper, Waterways, and Taiga Nova Eco-Industrial Park – where owners are currently being offered buyouts.

Owners who want a buyout can email [email protected] or call the Pulse Line at 780-743-7000 to start the process. The buyouts are based on 2020 accessed values which can be found on the RMWB’s website.

Those interested in raising their homes are encouraged to reach out through email or phone so the municipality can gauge interest in this option. Council will be tasked with approving the estimated costs later this year.

A decision must be made by May 31, 2021.

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