Wood Buffalo RCMP Investigate 13 COVID-19 Complaints Over Past Couple of Weeks, No Fines Issued

The recent increase in COVID-19 measures has not translated into a rise in people getting tickets.

According to the RMWB and Wood Buffalo RCMP, no fines have been issued anywhere across the region.

From December 21 to January 3, the Mounties have investigated eight situations where people allegedly broke the restrictions.

One of these complaints was for a business, however, neither the municipality nor RCMP gave a name.

Over these two weeks, there were also five calls for people not self-isolating when they should.

All of these situations were resolved or unfounded without any fines being handed out.

“At this time the educational approach has been very successful,” said Corporal Teri-Ann Bakker, in a statement to Mix News.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, education has been top of mind across the RMWB.

Mayor Don Scott, who was quite vocal around warnings early in the pandemic, stated back in December those caught ‘flagrantly’ breaking the new restrictions should be fined.

The province has also increased enforcement efforts to ensure all measures are followed.

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