Fort Chipewyan Winter Road Open to Light Vehicles

The Fort Chipewyan winter road is now open for some traffic.

It officially opened at noon on New Year’s Eve for light vehicles up to 5,000 kg.

Heavier vehicles are not yet permitted until the ice thickens. The RMWB will announced when it’s safe for these vehicles to use the road.

A new route is also being introduced this year.

It travels the all season road along the outside of the community to the airport and connects the quarry road.

Travelers are reminded to plan ahead, obey posted signage and drive to the conditions.

Meanwhile, only essential travel should be on the road.

This includes vehicles delivering supplies to the rural hamlet and those traveling to access essential services.

Alberta Health Services is discouraging all out-of-town travel at this time as it would increase the likelihood of COVID-19 cases popping up in the community.

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