Mandatory Mask Bylaw Extended for 30 More Days

Face coverings are continuing to be mandatory in all indoor public spaces across the RMWB.

The bylaw came into effect on October 26 when the region surpassed 50 cases of COVID-19.

As the active case count is now over 200, the bylaw will continue for at least another 30 days.

Under the bylaw, the RMWB will look to first educate people caught without a mask followed by $100 fines for the next offense and $200 fines afterward.

On December 8th, the Government of Alberta added a province wide mandatory mask bylaw to the restrictions with masks required in all indoor public and workspaces.

Those under the age of five, need help to put a mask on or have a physical or mental illness that requires them to avoid using a mask would be exempt from the bylaw.

People helping somebody with a disability and would have their support hindered by wearing a mask won’t have to wear one as well.

There are some exceptions for the entire public. This includes when eating, drinking, exercising, or leading/ attending a religious activity.

Individuals could also be fined for ‘harassing’ or ‘intimidating’ individuals.

The bylaw will continue until at least January 26.



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