Traveling Lights Show Bringing Holiday Cheer Directly To Residents

A Christmas light show is looking to bring back some holiday cheer for residents across the community.

A convoy of 14 vehicles decorated with Christmas lights is traveling to different neighbourhoods in Fort McMurray in an effort to raise morale after a tough 2020.

Mandy Trotter came up with the idea after her son kept asking her to set up decorations around their home.

She tells Mix News she didn’t have much motivation but soon realized others may be having the same feeling.

“Everybody in Fort McMurray needs a cheer up…. let’s put smiles on people’s faces, let’s make them laugh and give them something to look forward to.”

After just a couple weeks of planning, Trotter was able to find several residents eager to take part.

It officially took to the streets on Tuesday driving around Timberlea and Thickwood.

“There were kids, there were dogs, there were people dressed up… I was crying, I couldn’t even drive I had to pull over for like two minutes. This is exactly what I wanted,” she added.

The night was also special for Trotter after getting a personal request.

An individual living on Highfield Cove asked for the convoy to drive specifically down her neighbourhood so her grandmother, who has to use a wheelchair, could view the lights.

After a couple of hours driving around the north part of town, Trotter was able to fulfill the request near the end of the night.

“How happy I made that lady, it just melted my heart and that was the best thing of [Tuesday] night, this one little old, senior lady in a wheelchair that looked so forward to our display.”

The convoy will be out again Wednesday night.

Trotter says they’re hoping to drive down Thickwood Boulevard and Confederation Way for those who missed Tuesday’s show, before heading to downtown, Gregoire, and Beacon Hill.

They also have plans to visit Araubasca House, Rotary House, and Legion Manor to bring some holiday cheer to local seniors.

-With files from Steph Seidel

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