Cenovus Recognizing 10-Year-Anniversary of First Indigenous Agreement With Conklin Métis

Cenovus Energy is celebrating the 10-year anniversary of their long-term agreement with the Métis community of Conklin.

Back in December 2010, the newly formed standalone company entered into its first of several agreements with Indigenous communities near their oil projects.

“Even though Cenovus was in the early days of being an independent company, we drew on many years of experience working with Indigenous communities to formalize our relationship with Conklin in this way,” said Al Reid, Cenovus Executive Vice-President Stakeholder Engagement, Safety, Legal & General Counsel.

The agreement focused on plans for the Conklin Métis to support Cenovus’ long-term projects, while the company would aid the community by helping provide different programs and services.

The biggest example came in early 2020 when they announced they would be allocating $50 million to help build homes in the community and five others near their Christina Lake and Foster Creek projects.

“The agreement has benefitted Conklin in so many ways,” added Margaret Quintal, board member of Conklin’s Community Resource Development Advisory Committee.

“We are able to provide a variety of supports and services for our members, from youth to seniors, that otherwise would be a challenge to deliver.”

Since signing with Conklin, Cenovus has signed eight more long-term agreements with First Nation and Métis communities.

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