Fort Chipewyan Winter Road Opening Being Delayed, RMWB Asking Only Essential Travel Use Road

The warm weather we’ve been experiencing will most likely delay the opening of the Fort Chipewyan Winter Road.

That’s according to the municipality which notes the road isn’t safe at this time. They’re currently unsure of when it will be safe to use.

When it does open, only essential travel should be on the road.

This includes vehicles delivering supplies to the rural hamlet and those traveling to access essential services.

Alberta Health Services is discouraging all out-of-town travel at this time as it would increase the likelihood of COVID-19 cases popping up in the community.

Meanwhile, crews are still in the process of adjusting the route.

The RMWB is adding around 22 km to the trip by connecting to the all-season road near the airport, north of the community.

This will allow for safer delivery of heavy and dangerous goods and make the drive more secure as it would avoid areas prone to open water and thin ice.

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