Increase to Municipal Fees and Account Changes Coming Jan 1

The municipality is raising the fees for utilities in the new year.

Starting on January 1, services such as municipal water, wastewater, and solid waste services will see a 7 to 15 per cent increase.

The change will depend on water meter size and between rural, urban and commercial services.

This is the third time these rates have been increased in the past 11 years, the first being in 2017 and the second being in 2019 which saw a 17 per cent rise.

The municipality says the current rates are still below the provincial average, and a subsidy from the municipal government helps to cover the actual cost of the utilities.

Also beginning January first, the property owners name will now be required to be registered on the utility account.

This means that renters and tenants can not apply to open a new account, however, accounts in good standing before December 31 will not be changed.

The new requirement is an effort to help promote responsible consumption of water and to help recover unpaid bills.

Residents can find more information, including what services will be impacted, by visiting the RMWB’s website.

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