Alberta Chief Judge Asking Residents To Avoid Visiting Courthouse

You’re being asked to avoid going to the Fort McMurray Courthouse for anything that can be solved through the phone and online.

According to Alberta’s Chief Judge of provincial courts Derek Redman, many residents are still visiting the building to pay for tickets.

“Fort McMurray is a busy court, and that means there’s a significant risk that a person infected with Covid could unknowingly walk in and infect many others,” he noted.

People can continue to pay for tickets online.

Those who are charged with a crime are being reminded they can contact duty counsel, the case management office, or other legal services by phone or by e-mail instead of visiting in-person.

Judge Redman says there have been instances where there has been a line waiting to get into the courthouse.

“The courthouses also have a maximum capacity in place at present. There are times at which our sheriffs cannot permit more people to come in the doors. I do not want to see a situation where people are being forced to wait outside in the cold, particularly in Fort McMurray winter weather.”

He adds the only ones who should be visiting the building are those who receive a ‘court appearance required’ ticket, plan on pleading guilty to the charge on the court appearance date, have a matter scheduled for trial, or are required as a witness.

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