Council Approves $568M 2021 Budget

The RMWB’s 2021 budget is officially set in stone at around $568 million.

Wood Buffalo council met for three days this week where they approved the region’s operations and expenses for the next 12 months.

The overall budget is around $150 million less than this year’s.

Over $383 million will go towards operations which includes planning and development, engineering, Regional Emergency Services, and other municipal departments.

More than $156 million will be allocated to the capital project.

Some of the new projects getting underway in 2021 include turning the section of land around the Athabasca Bridge, on the left-hand side when driving towards MacDonald Island Park, into a green space and constructing a memorial to recognize the history of Moccasin Flats.

The land was recently leased by the RMWB for one dollar, while the municipality has been working with the McMurray Mtis to right the past injustices as Moccasin Flats which is now occupied by the Syncrude Towers.

Roughly $40 million in the budget will also be used on the community investment program.

Several organizations, including Keyano College, were given grants to help with operations and other expenses in 2021.

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